Grow your cleaning business faster.

Unlock the full potential of your cleaning business with us. From personalised consulting to bespoke marketing solutions and invaluable digital resources, we pave the way for your accelerated growth and lasting success in the competitive market.

Crafting your success together

Imagine a cleaning business that consistently outshines the competition. With Bartek’s in-depth expertise in the cleaning industry combined with Michael’s extensive marketing prowess, we bring a unique blend of insights tailored specifically for your cleaning business. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale, our combined years of experience can accelerate the growth of your venture. From comprehensive business consulting to ‘done-for-you’ marketing solutions, rest assured you’re in safe hands. Let us be the catalyst to your business success.

How can we grow your cleaning company?

Business consultation

Delve into optimised operations and management tactics. Streamline staffing, equipment, and workflow for enhanced efficiency.

Marketing consultation

Unlock growth with tailored strategies. Boost brand visibility, engage potential clients, and strengthen your online presence.

Done for you marketing

Comprehensive marketing made easy. We handle your ads and web conversions, turning clicks into loyal customers.

Learn how to close more cleaning deals

Discover the art of selling cleaning services in the digital age with our ebook. This essential guide dives into effective communication strategies across messaging platforms like email, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Packed with real-world scenarios and expert tips, it teaches you how to craft responses that convert inquiries into loyal customers. Elevate your sales technique and connect with clients in a way that resonates.


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