Employee handbook

Ensure consistency, compliance, and professionalism in your cleaning business with our comprehensive Employee Handbook Package. This package includes both the detailed full version and the concise short version, providing you with the flexibility to meet various needs within your organization. From company culture to health and safety guidelines, these handbooks offer everything your staff needs to know.

Key Features:

  • Full Version:
    • Detailed policies and procedures to maintain high standards
    • Clear guidelines on company culture, conduct, and expectations
    • Health and safety protocols to ensure a safe working environment
    • Easy-to-understand format for employees at all levels
  • Short Version:
    • Concise version of the full employee handbook
    • Covers essential policies and procedures
    • Focused on key points of company culture, conduct, and safety
    • Easy-to-read format for quick reference


  • Both handbooks come as PDF templates for easy distribution and printing
  • Fully editable in Google Docs, allowing you to customize them to fit your specific business needs



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